Apple Lining Up Solar-Powered iPhone; Patent Filing Suggests

February 8, 2013 / No Comments

Are you an Apple fanboy? If yes, this could excite you more. The iGiant seems to be looking at the sun to charge its devices. And, as if in a bid to make things possible in that terrain, the company has filed a patent application for integrated touch sensor and solar assembly that could usher in iDevices that would capture and convert light into energy and also detect touch with solar cells. The cells are expected to be built on the screen of the future iPhones and iPads.

apple Apple Lining Up Solar Powered iPhone; Patent Filing Suggests

We hear the company has already bagged the patent for solar-powered handheld devices. Apple looks to bring in integrated touch sensor and solar panel configurations for optical sensing too.

Work on such a project has been on for the past four years, though the patent filing happened just a few days ago. If efforts hit the right path as expected, Apple might soon have solar panels that would operate in solar power and optical sensing mode. And, when the panel is obstructed by a finger or palm, it would switch to a capacitive sensing mode.

The project if it goes into Apple’s labs, the company’s main concern could be the costs involved. However, the idea of a solar powered future iPhone sounds exciting, doesn’t it?