Wind Turbines Get Smarter with Tech Intervention

February 11, 2013 / No Comments

Think wind power, and you can see that turbines have been getting bigger and better. With better computer models and components embedded, wind turbines have been made more productive.

wind power Wind Turbines Get Smarter with Tech Intervention

GE’s new 2.5-120 wind turbine, announced last week, is even better. Its maximum power output is about 2.5 megawatts, which is lower than that of the leading 2.85 megawatt turbine.

The turbine will generate 15 percent more kilowatt hours during one year because of the sensors paired with it. The sensors will in fact operate and monitor the turbines.

The technology is a part of a new trend that aims to make wind power cheaper.

According to Ryan Wiser, the deputy group leader for Electricity Markets and Policy at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in Berkeley, California in 1991, wind power cost 15 cents per kilowatt hour and after so many years the cost has declined to 6.5 cents per kilowatt hour.

All these developments in the wind power field promise a better future for wind power. Meanwhile, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said in the next 20 years it would be possible to produce more cost-effective wind power than natural gas. We hope that is achieved.