Bhutan to Go 100% Organic by 2020

February 13, 2013 / No Comments

Bhutan, the tiny remote kingdom nestling in the Himalayas, is already a largely organic nation. The kingdom however wants to do more on that front. Bhutan has now announced plans to go 100% organic.

bhutan organic agriculture Bhutan to Go 100% Organic by 2020

And, when that gets done, Bhutan will become the first country in the world to follow fully organic agricultural practices. Thus it will ensure food safety and security to its population of around 700,000. They are planning to attain 100% organic in its food production by 2020.

This decision by the state was announced by Bhutanese minister for agriculture and forest Pema Gyamtsho at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013 as a part of their decision to live in harmony with nature.

As artificial pesticides are highly expensive, Bhutanese farmers have phased them out and opted for organic farming, which entirely depends on animal and farm waste products. This has helped reduce the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers and increased nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Research is now on to develop new techniques to increase size of crops by increasing quality of soil.

The shifting of farming practices fully to organic is expected to increase Bhutanese food production and ensure food security to the nation. It is seen as boosting export of food items to neighboring countries, especially India and China, thereby increasing the GDP of the country. Development challenges like climate change, energy and food security could also be checked with this venture.

bhutan Bhutan to Go 100% Organic by 2020

More than 95% of the total population has clean water and electricity and forest cover has also increased to 80%. Bhutan is showing the way towards sustainable development. Is your nation willing to follow this example?