Quetsol Solar Kit to Light Up Guatemala Hinterland

March 13, 2013 / 1 Comment

Guatemala has a considerable size of population below the poverty line. Twenty percent of this Latin American country citizens still have no access to electricity. These families go completely dark in their homes at night; their children are unable to study.  Most of them use kerosene lights and candles to light their homes. But buying these products eats into their monthly earnings and cause health problems like asthma due to inhalation of smoke.

quetsollights Quetsol Solar Kit to Light Up Guatemala Hinterland

A young native entrepreneur, Juan Fermín Rodriguez, and his start-up company, Quetsol, is aiming to light up 520,000 homes in Guatemala with a Pay-As-You-Go model solar panel system.  With this system they can run light bulbs and charge their mobile phones. Quetsol is running a fundraiser campaign in Indiegogo to raise enough money to achieve their goal.

According to the company, a family spends around 130 Quetzales per month on an average for candles, and for charging their mobile phones. Adopting this solar set-up will reduce their expense to 90 Quetzales.

Quetsol’s solar kit includes a 10W solar panel, a 12 V/15 amp battery, a universal mobile phone charger and two LED light bulbs for the night-time lighting purpose.  The battery can hold 5 hours of light with a full day charging, with a life-long warranty for the kit.  Users can subscribe with their mobile phone payment account. Quetsol Indiegogo campaign expects to collect $50,000. Visit the site to donate.

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  • Alex Place / March 20, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Hi, I work for Quetsol and wanted to say THANK YOU for writing about our campaign. We finished at $40,000 and will use these funds to jumpstart the technology.

    Thanks again,
    -Alex Place

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