Tesla Getting a Third Row of Seats for Kids

March 22, 2013 / No Comments

The Tesla electric-powered sedan is getting a three-row seating and will be an ultimately family EV. Don’t worry, if you have ordered a Model S without the third row kid seats, you can get them later.

teslaseats Tesla Getting a Third Row of Seats for Kids

According to Consumer Reports, the kid seats for Tesla S have come in stock and were installed by a Tesla service center in Queens, New York. The whole process was simple and done without any and hesitation, even the service centre arranged a truck to pickup vehicle to have the work performed.

The third row seats face towards the back and can accommodate two small people. Each of the two seats has a racing style five-point harnesses to hold the kids in place. The kid seats can be foldable into a well beneath the enormous rear hatch, when they are not in use.

The addition of a third-row seat will make the Tesla S an even bigger family car with a passenger capacity of seven.

The super electric powertrain in Tesla delivers a rare driving experience and comfort to it users. This make the Model S stand out against many of its internal combustion engine peers.