Primove Wireless Charging for E-cars and Buses Arrives

April 1, 2013 / No Comments

Seems like the concept of wireless charging for electric vehicle is turning real. The first wireless electronic bus charging will begin in Mannheim, Germany in a few months.

Induction in a car Primove Wireless Charging for E cars and Buses Arrives

The upcoming trial in Mannheim will run on existing city bus routes and these vehicles will recharge via invisible inductive technology called Primove. This innovative Primove technology provides a contact-less power source for electric vehicles. It charging system is installed below road surfaces.

When another conductor (the vehicle) is placed in the field, it generates electricity and this electricity is pulled by an undercarriage unit and routed to the battery.

In Primove charging technology, direct contact between the vehicle and the charging system isn’t essential. Since the wireless induction charging is below the asphalt surface, it is water and weatherproof.

The charging will occur when an electric vehicle is stopped or is moved over the top of the induction surface and it requires no battery swapping and extra fleet vehicles.

Primove technology is a major leap that promises a wireless charging system for electric vehicles. Moreover, it is easy to integrate and convenient to use and above all it reduces air and noise pollution in urban areas.

An ongoing wireless induction charging trial has been in progress in Belgium since 2012. This trial project involves a single Volvo e-car and a Van Hool bus.