Bladeless Windmills Could Suit Cities

April 5, 2013 / No Comments

Many among you who don’t like the traditional windmills always complain about the large blades that rotate when the wind blows against them. Conventional windmills require high maintenance cost and take up huge space too. Besides, they kill birds. Clearly, traditional windmills aren’t ideal for urban environments.

windmill Bladeless Windmills Could Suit Cities

In order to solve all these issues, Delft University of Technology‘s EWICON (Electrostatic Windenergy Convertor) has come up with a windmill design that looks more like a contemporary sculpture than an electricity-generating device. It has no visibly moving part.

The EWICON is made of a steel frame filled with criss-crossing metal tubes and it releases electrically charged water droplets. These water drops are blown away by the wind, thereby generating power.

Manufacturers claim that EWICON will reduce wear and tear and maintenance costs.  Above all, it will be able to reduce noise pollution as it runs absolutely silent even in heavy winds.

The first model of EWICON designed by Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo has been placed on the Delft campus.

As the concept is still under development, there are no specific details on the cost and the power it can generate. Yet, it is an interesting idea that could suit even urban areas.