Amtrak 30-Year-Old Locomotives Replaced with Efficient Electric Models

May 15, 2013 / No Comments

Amtrak is getting some super efficient electric locomotives to replace their old models. The old ones have been in service for about 25-35 years, and it seems surprising that it took so long for a much efficient replacement.  Siemens has made the new locomotive with 70 new Amtrak Cities Sprinter (ACS-64). The new locomotive operates on Northeast regional trains that runs on Northeast Corridor (NEC) along the Washington-New York-Boston route with speeds of up to 124 mph.

amtrak Amtrak 30 Year Old Locomotives Replaced with Efficient Electric Models

The Keystone Service trains running on the keystone corridor speeds up to 110 mph. Later on, new locomotives will be provided to all long-distance trains on the NEC. Motors that run the ACS-64 can generate speeds of 125 mph than can reach a high of 8,600 hp(6.4 MW) and can pull 18 cars.

The new locos come with regenerative braking as in electric cars and hybrids. This electric locomotive will be an answer as to how the amount of unwanted emissions (5 MW) can be returned to the power grid. Cleaner the power grid, smoother will be the operations of locomotive.

Siemens and Amtrak have forecast power savings of up to 3 billion kWh, equaling $300 million, by using these 70 locomotives in 20 years. With the new locomotives, the economic growth of the Northeast region and better service for the passengers are expected.