Zeal Develops No-Petroleum Sunglasses from Castor Bean Oil

May 17, 2013 / No Comments

Sunglass lovers can now wear no-petroleum glasses designed from castor bean oil. Now that brings to the accessories arena a major shift from those plastic, metal or glass-made goggles. In case you didn’t now, the earliest forms of eyewear were made of wood, and the first hit pairs were those that had pieces of glass to peep through.

Zeal Non Petroleum Sunglasses  Zeal Develops No Petroleum Sunglasses from Castor Bean Oil

Colorado-based Zeal has now decided to chop off oil plastics from sunglasses. First, the company produced frames with a resin which they called Z-resin, a material used for producing plastic with castor oil.

As you might be aware, castor beans are given to little kids for keeping them healthy. Moreover, castor beans are easy to grow and they segregate more oil. Nobody consumes castor oil and beans now a days which means it is in less demand. With no harm done to the human cause, Zeal makes sunglasses with castor-based ingredients.

Determined to make a fossil fuel-free glass, the company created a lens named e-Ilume, which boasts a non-petroleum based bonder that maintains high optical standards. A clarity value of 38 (Abbe) was recorded. Zeal’s bio lens protects eyes from UVA, B and C light as well as HEV (High Energy Visible) light.