Window Attachable Socket Charges Devices with Solar Power

May 31, 2013 / No Comments

How about charging your devices directly from the sun? Designers Kyuho Song and Boa Oh have created the Window Socket, which enables charging of the gadgets with sunlight by just plugging them on to your glass window pane.

Window Socket Window Attachable Socket Charges Devices with Solar Power

This solar powered socket is suctioned to the window to absorb sunlight, and does not boast a battery pack. A direct plug-in is all that’s needed to squeeze in some sun power.

The window chargers are made with plastic materials and the side attached to window has a solar energy panel. Solar energy is converted into electrical energy with the help of a converter.

The charging capacity of the equipment peaks to 1000mAh and takes about 5-8 hours for charging. On fully charged, it lasts about 10 hours. The window chargers are easily removable and attachable to the window by sheer air pressure.

It’s a nice idea from the designers on how to gather renewable energy from natural resources. May be, the world would recognize its value as early as possible.