Women in Kenya advised to Use Eco-Friendly Stoves

June 26, 2013 / No Comments

Women in Kisumu have been advised by Faida Kubwa Regional Manager Frederick Omollo to use environment friendly ways of cooking. The new initiative is aimed at prompting women to encourage green and renewable source of energy. He has further suggested that they use stoves with fewer emissions and that which help increase cooking efficiency by 60 percent.

stoves1 Women in Kenya advised to Use Eco Friendly Stoves

According to Omollo, respiratory diseases have increased among women in rural areas. So the use of eco-friendly stove should help in reducing the risk of respiratory infection and smoke inhalation. He also warned of the increase in pollution rate of Kenya and says that a clean environment would ensure healthy life to all.

Using green and renewable source of energy for cooking will save time for women and girls as they will not have to go out looking for firewood. He has also urged learning institutions in Kisumu to promote biogas and solar energy to protect the environment.

After having urged Governor Jack Ranguma to warn factories from dumping their wastages in Lake Victoria, he has now got an assurance from the Governor that the government is committed to environment safety, especially the wetlands by way of improved land management.