Horizon Mass Transit System is an All-Electric Train-Plane Hybrid

July 2, 2013 / No Comments

What would you feel like if you get to travel in a plane-train hybrid? Ever wonder what it would be like? The Horizon Mass Transit System is a 100 percent electric mode of transportation. Conceived as a hybrid between a plane and a train, the system uses a maglev-style mechanism that helps large aircraft to pick up passengers inside small SkyLink trains when both the train and plane are on the move.

horizon system 001 Horizon Mass Transit System is an All Electric Train Plane Hybrid

This process helps no-congestion in large airports and on highways. One feature of Horizon System is that it has no pilot, unlike the other modular plane system, Clip Air. This could be the largest drone ever conceived, with no cockpit and featuring a central common space.

Passengers can get in to the system via their local SkyStation. They can reach the AirStrip after boarding on a SkyLink pod. From there, the passengers will be picked up by the SkyShip.

After all the passengers are taken in, the train gently accelerates to match the speed of aircraft, and is carefully plucked from the track and flies till it reaches the next destination, where the train is again landed to take in and off passengers.

horizon system 004 Horizon Mass Transit System is an All Electric Train Plane Hybrid

The aircraft never touches the ground. Even when the train cars are released and new ones are picked, the wings of air craft sail along the maglev rails.

The battery pack on the train is charged, while it runs on the rails, which provides the power for the aircraft to fly. The released train cars start recharging as soon as they reach transit rails.  The aircraft is operated remotely and is covered with large glass window.