Fukushima to be Home to Largest Ever Off Shore Wind Farm

July 16, 2013 / No Comments

If you would remember, Japan’s Fukushima was completely shaken when the earthquake and tsunami struck in 2011. Adding to its woes, the nuclear disaster that was a byproduct of the natural calamity brought down all morale the city had left within itself. But then, as Japan as proved earlier too, these disasters have failed to bog the city down.

Fukushima Wind Fukushima to be Home to Largest Ever Off Shore Wind Farm

The coastal terrain is now gearing up to be home to the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Installed just off the Fukushima coast, the huge floating wind farm project is expected to help end Japan’s over dependence on nuclear energy.

The efforts that have gone into the installation of the huge offshore wind farm need to be lauded. Reports say that the 2 MW wind turbine, after being assembled in Chiba, was placed on to a 104-foot submersible steel structure and towed to the Onahama Port in Fukushima. It was then bound to the sea bed with iron chains.

Many more will be placed in a similar fashion by year 2020,  and would thus make Fukushima the home to the largest offshore wind farm.

Clean energy will also get a boost following the installation of all the wind farm projects here. Further, the floating farms may not bow to the fury of natural calamities, in case they occur again.