Yates Electric Airplane Gets New Battery Pack

July 29, 2013 / No Comments

Chip Yates, the American inventor and electric vehicle pioneer, is back in the news with a new battery pack for his record setting airplane. The new battery from EnerDel is a 450-volt, 80 amp-hour pack capable of 600 amps continuous output, the equivalent of 258 horsepower, and twice the output of the old battery pack. The new battery weights 525 pounds.

plane Yates Electric Airplane Gets New Battery Pack

A 20-minute flight last week took him to 5500 feet at 175 miles per hour at less than 50 percent throttle, Yates has been quoted as saying. It has been noted that the new EnerDel pack can go up to 450 volts.

You might have heard of Yates already. Yes, this is the man who has been trying to prove that electric vehicles don’t have to be slow and boring, and first designed and built an electric motor cycle in 2011.

UIt was in the following year that he designed and built an all-electric airplane based on a modified Burt Rutan long-EZ. In July 2012, he flew the plane over 200mph making it the world’s fastest airplane in a flight but ended up with an emergency landing following an in-flight Lithium ion battery problem.

After a year of planning and preparation, he is now presenting the new battery series. Yates is testing new equipment for his grand plan of flying across the Atlantic in an electrified plane. Wishing him all the best!