Phyto Kinetic Green Buses Can Grow Gardens Atop Them

July 31, 2013 / No Comments

Ever imagined travelling underneath a garden?  If you haven’t as yet, it’s time to live the experience. For, Spaniard Marc Granen has developed a green roof for buses and is calling the innovation Phyto Kinetic. Realization that vast space is not required for creating green space, he has come up with the idea of green roofs for buses. He believes that if cities grow gardens atop thousands of buses that ply through them, it could create awesome acres of air-purifying green spaces.

Phyto Kinetic Phyto Kinetic Green Buses Can Grow Gardens Atop Them

Phyto Kinetic uses a lightweight, 7 cm-thick hydroponic foam, which is extremely malleable and can be molded to any shape of the bus. The waste water from the air conditioning system can be recycled and used to water the garden.

In the case of non-AC buses, watering could be done manually. Granen has put up his idea of a garden on a moving vehicle through micro-perforated stainless steel bands that are fixed in place with ultra-light protective mesh that anchors the planted surface. This anchor system keeps the garden stable, even if the bus meets with an accident.

This experiment has been deployed in buses transporting tourists to and from a nature and camping facility in Girona, a town in the north eastern coast of Spain. Bus owners can choose as to what to cultivate or what kind of landscape has to be created.

Granen intends to bind the relationship of city dwellers to nature and help them enjoy the green effects it could bring along. Granen is now said to be in talks with an auto company who has expressed its desire to sponsor such a fleet in Barcelona. Good going, Granen.