Tesla Adopts New Brand Name; To Be Known as Tuosule in China

August 22, 2013 / No Comments

For some time now, the American EV maker Tesla Motors had been fighting to salvage its brand name, as it was actually owned by someone called Zhan Baosheng since 2006. The American EV maker hadn’t claimed it for until 2009.

Tesla Tesla Adopts New Brand Name; To Be Known as Tuosule in China

As the company can’t rest assured with the name Tesla anymore in the Asian markets, the automaker has decided to move on with a brand name “Tuosule” in China.

We hear the brand name Tuosule comes from the actual name Tesla. Although the actual meaning of Tuusole is unknown, it is said that it is the common dialect spoken by residents of Hong Kong for Tesla.

A report also suggests that Tesla Motors Inc’s Beijing showroom is expected to be biggest Tesla showroom in the world. Currently, the EV maker is applying finishing touches to this showroom and will open in the near future.

This is not the first time Tesla is fighting over its brand name. Earlier, this brand name was owned its previous owner Qiao Weiwei and Tesla had purchased it.

Reports suggest that Tesla Motors Inc has offered about $326,000 to Baosheng for the brand name Tesla, but he wants about $32 million for this name.