Solara 50 Solar Plane Can Stay Airborne for 5 Years

August 29, 2013 / No Comments

Titan Aerospace is looking to do something unique in solar aviation, which is still in its infancy. A big solar powered passenger plane is still a dream, and it may sound impractical too. So now, the company is planning something different, by bringing to the fore its idea of replacing launching satellites with gigantic solar powered drones.

titan solar drone Solara 50 Solar Plane Can Stay Airborne for 5 Years

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a drone, it is an unmanned aerial vehicle without a pilot to control it. The company recently revealed the designs of their new drone, ‘Solara 50’, which will circle the globe at an altitude of 65,000 feet and stay in air up to five years.

According to reports, the Solara 50 sports massive wings of about 150 feet span. It has 3,000 solar cells that can produce 7kW of power.

The vehicle also has the ability to provides a wide range of functionalities, from forest fire tracking and weather forecasting to crop monitoring and narcotic tracking. It also can carry up to 70 pounds of sensors and instruments. The company is looking to release full sized UAV s in one year. A large number of services now providing by satellites can be provided by the unmanned aerial vehicle from titan.