Snail Man in China Carries Home Around

August 30, 2013 / No Comments

A traveling salesman in China is living in a mobile house, and he even carries it with him wherever he goes. Believe it or not, this has been happening for the last five years! The man, Liu Lingchao, who has been carrying his shelter with him, makes a living by selling plastic bottles and cans collected from the streets.

China Snail man Snail Man in China Carries Home Around

When he sets out on work in southern China, he takes his shelter with him. The 38-year-old lives in the Guangxi province.

Liu’s home is made with bamboo pole grid shells and is covered with thick layers of plastic sheeting for protection. Inside the house, there is an elevated platform that worls as a bed for him to sleep.

China Snail man3 Snail Man in China Carries Home Around

There is also some simple shelving in the wall for storing his day to day essentials, such as clothes and utensils for preparing food.

According to Liu, his portable house helps him save a lot of money. He has also been able to go where ever he wants without worrying about anything.

The structure has a total weight of about 60 kg.  As he carries his home around, Liu has also got a new nick name –  SnailMan.