Dutch Cyclist Sets New World Speed Record

September 20, 2013 / No Comments

A 23-year-old Dutch cyclist has broken the previous world record for the fastest bike speed in The Netherlands. Sebastiaan Bowier has set this world record by achieving a top speed of 83.13 mph.

dutch bike Dutch Cyclist Sets New World Speed Record

This high-tech recumbent bicycle was designed and built by Dutch students from TU Delft and VU University Amsterdam. The team developed a bike dubbed the VeloX3 with low resistance and has a carbon fiber framĀ .

The wheels and the frame are enclosed in a streamlined chassis that is covered with the same type of coating usually used in Formula One cars.

dutch Dutch Cyclist Sets New World Speed Record

Bowier reached the top speed along a 200 m stretch of road, after an 8 km run-up in the Nevada desert. According to the team leader Wouter Lion, though they have faced pretty strong headwind, both the technical and human aspects were right on the day of the race.

The Delft team were sponsored by PostNL and broke the existing record, held by Canadian Sam Whittingham, by 0.37 mph.