Salman Khan loses 8 kilos in 5 months due to health issues

September 24, 2013 / No Comments

Earlier in the year, Salman Khan suffered a temporary loss of health owing to a nerve disorder. The health problem has already affected his shooting schedule and the Bollywood superstar was forced to revise his dates for the film “No Entry Mein Entry”.

salman khan Salman Khan loses 8 kilos in 5 months due to health issues

Even though the actor is set to make a trip the US later in the year to receive further treatment for the ailment, Salman isn’t leaving anything to chance and has been reported to have gone on a health kick to improve his condition. The news of Salman going on health regime was first published on August 30, 2013.

The actor reportedly shed around 8 kilos of weight in roughly five months’ time to recuperate from the aftereffects of the ailment. Adopting a strict regimen of exercise including jogging, cycling, weight training and cardio sessions, Khan has steadily lost weight in a controlled manner.

In august 2011, Salman revealed that he was suffering from facial nerve disorder known as trigeminal neuralgia which causes a hoarseness and flex in his voice while leaving sharp, shooting pain in his chest and face.

Also known as the suicide disease, the ailment is treatable through surgery that the actor received last year.

Salman has previously stated that he has been living with the ailment for the past seven years though he hadn’t considered receiving surgery for it till last year.

Describing it as “the worst pain on the planet”, Salman has clarified that the disorder makes his voice sound like he is drunk even when he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol.