Garments for the Dead Stay Close to Nature

October 10, 2013 / No Comments

Forget the eco-friendly dresses or brands we always recommend to you. These bio-degradable garments we have here are made for the dead. Dubbed “Garments for the Grave,” this brand has been introduced by Australian fashionista Pia Interlandi and includes fabrics such as cotton, linen and hemp.

garments Garments for the Dead Stay Close to Nature

According to Interlandi, the human body is a gift, which is full of nutrients, water and protein. And when we place it back into the Earth, the garment acts like a wrapping paper. The idea occurred to her when she struggled to dress her grandfather’s body in a suit for burial.

At that moment, she realized that normal clothes are not designed for death. Also, the usual clothes use more button and zippers that have no practical purpose after death and these won’t decomposes easily. So she decided to make a line that suits nature.

garments grave Garments for the Dead Stay Close to Nature

While creating this eco-friendly grave dress, she focused on creating a garment that literally and symbolically returns to the earth. That’s why she used natural fibers, raw silk and cotton fabrics.

According to her, these garments neither deny nor do flirt with death. Rather, they present death as natural, undeniable, inevitable and beautiful.