Teen-built App Helps People Get Serious about Recycling

October 18, 2013 / No Comments

What all wouldn’t you do to spur your fellow beings to practice recycling? But then, much of the world’s citizens don’t seem to be concerned about this. In the current era of tech innovations, lessons and tech enabled props that promote recycling are many. The only problem is that most tend to ignore most of such props.

jazzy recycling Teen built App Helps People Get Serious about Recycling

But then, 14-year-old Zea Tongeman has taken the idea of recycling seriously and hopes all her fellow beings would give it a serious thought. This teen girl from the United Kingdom has made use of computer programming  to create her own app that would prompt people recycle to go about recycling for a better world. .

What she has created is a social media app christened Jazzy Recycling. The app, in fact, gives recycling a new visage, that of a game anyone can play.

Zea’s thoughst centred round how to help recycling, and also on “how to make the process fun and rewarding”. A look at Zea’s  Jazzy Recycling app would reveal that it helps people find what they can recycle. And that’s not all. Once a recycling effort is made, the app also lets them scan, share and win rewards for what they have recycled.

Social media plays a major role too. Once such recycling efforts are shared on Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram, Zea believes that such ventures can prompt more people to think of recycling much more seriously. What do you have to say?