Water Purification Gets a Sunshine Project

October 30, 2013 / No Comments

Water contamination is no simple issue. Clean water is the right of every being that inhabits this earth. But with contamination levels on the rise, water needs to be treated to be clean. Now researchers at Purdue have come up with a tech-enabled plan to ensure clean water for all.

sunshine project Water Purification Gets a Sunshine Project

They are doing this by making efforts to harness UV radiation to eliminate microorganisms in water so as to make it clean. With sunshine being made use of in the process, the efforts are gaining success too.

According to a report  that quotes Chip Blatchley, professor of environmental and ecological engineering, who leads the project, the research team has “created prototypes that disinfect water by amplifying and concentrating solar UV radiation, which is abundant in equatorial and near-equatorial nations.”

The team is deploying the disinfection process in areas where clean water is a rarity. According to the researcher, the water disinfection system from Purdue actually pumps water through a UV-transparent pipe placed on a parabolic reflector.

The researchers are also looking to start field testing the system for disease-causing bacteria in areas where higher levels of UV exposure has been reported.

This new sun enabled tech process of cleaning water isn’t the first of its kind. But then, the Purdue innovation needs to be seen as a low -cost solution.

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