Wind Power Is Growing in Michigan Despite Opposition

November 7, 2013 / No Comments

Michigan has been doing their part to expand the use of alternative energy sources.They are harnessing the wind to produce electricity.In fact, there is only one state that is building more wind-powered turbines, and that state, surprisingly, is oil-rich Texas.

At the present time, according to United States Senator Debbie Stabenow, wind turbines provide the power needs for approximately 325,000 homes. She was quoted by mlive “Our onshore potential is more than 1.6 times our total electricity capacity. We could power our entire state’s electricity needs just with wind.”

Michigan wind turbine farm e1383847128548 Wind Power Is Growing in Michigan Despite Opposition

Michigan wind turbine farm via AlpenaNow

This means that all of Michigan’s power needs could be provided and the excess sold to neighboring states. Down the line, the extra revenue would be a much-needed boost to the local economy. There are some problems that are already being encountered that could slow or even throttle the deployment of this great alternative renewable energy source.

The roadblock is what I call the NIMBY Syndrome. A lot of people who support the green movement and alternative energy production, are perfectly willing to only use green energy. Some have a proviso that can potentially kill the production of alternative energy. That is the NIMBY Syndrome.

The Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) Syndrome is well documented. Back in 2009 Jim Gordon, who is well known in the green energy arena, was trying to build a wind farm. He ran into some opposition that killed the project to provide Massachusetts with green power via a wind turbine farm off the Atlantic Ocean coast.

Senator Ted Kennedy, who was a passionate supporter of the environment, was pummeling President Bush for not caring about the environment. Jim did not expect Senator Kennedy to pull out all his political power in Massachusetts to prevent the wind farm from being built “in his back yard” as Kennedy believed the wind turbines would disturb his view of the ocean.

The NIMBY Syndrome is even evident in the Silicon Valley. In high-tech Palo Alto, the birthplace of HP and Apple among other companies, there are people fighting the cell tower installations (in their own back yard) that are necessary to provide reliable voice and data communication.

Will the NIMBY Syndrome kill Michigan’s long term green power plans? Only time will tell.