Christmas Lights Are Going Green

November 12, 2013 / No Comments

Many people remember their parents putting up the Christmas lights all over the outside of the house, lining windows, doorways and the outline of the roof and eaves. Outside trees and shrubs received a plentiful dose of lighting too. In colder climates, I remember the white, snow-laden trees where the red, green, yellow and blue lights prevented the snow from landing on them; everything was so beautiful.

Indoors, we were careful in placing the lights on the tree limbs. We had to make sure not one of the lights touched the evergreen needles, as the heat of the bulbs could cause a fire if the tree dried out. We made sure there was always plenty of water at the base of the tree, too. These lights gave way to smaller and cooler bulbs and eventually were replaced by the little twinkle or pixie lights, which gave out very little heat.

LED Christmas lights adorn this house in a beautiful display e1384318625235 Christmas Lights Are Going Green

LED Christmas lights adorn this house in a beautiful display

With the rising cost of electricity and utilities raising the price during the Christmas season, many people are looking for ways to cut back on the costs. Enter the LED (Light Emitting Diode). LEDs are not all that new and have been around for years. What is new is the price. I just saw 60-LED and 70-LED strings for under $10.

Reports from professional Christmas light installers are coming in with an increasing amount of customers requesting LED Christmas light instead of the traditional incandescent ones. One installer reported a full 30% of his new customers have made the decision to use LEDs.

CostCo will sell only LED Christmas lights this season, while Walmart has gone with a 50/50 split between incandescent and LED light strings. We have come a long way from when Christmas trees were lit with candles, so going green with the Christmas lighting is a great way to be safe, save on electric bills and be kind to the environment.

Will you be using LED Christmas lighting this year?