BoatBox Launches Car Roof Container That Doubles Up as Boat

November 13, 2013 / No Comments

Did you always want to take your boat along while you are on a camping trip near a lake, but could not do so, simply because of the hassle you have to go through in transporting it? Also, what if you also get a roof top storage along with the boat? Yes, it is true. BoatBox has launched a little boat that will also act as a storage mechanism that you can strap to the roof of your car.

boatpack BoatBox Launches Car Roof Container That Doubles Up as Boat

Springwise says that when turned upside down and attached to the base unit, this 20kg cover can be attached to the car’s roof rack, this also gives 175kg of baggage area.

When you arrive at your destination, you can just unclip the cover from its base and use it as a two-man rowing boat. BoatBox  also comes with an attachable seat, rowlocks and foldout oars. It also has the provision to be connected with an electric motor for easy sailing.

Yes, the seats, the oars and other equipment take up some valuable space in the container you want to store your stuffs in. But if you think about it, you are actually carrying a two person boat on your car. It is certainly great news for people who love sailing and want keep their living space small.

And, who knows! BoatBox may also be off great use if you face a sudden flood threat! If you are staying in a flood prone area or are driving around such an area it would be such a handy thing to have around you.

Though the BoatBox site is currently down for updates, Springwise says that the price for its product is £595.