Trashy-B cigarette Stub Attire, New Fashion Statement

November 18, 2013 / No Comments

What do you feel about a vest made of more 1,000 smoked cigarette butts? The eco-performer and visual artist, Trashy-B used those butts that were once littered in Hollywood’s star attraction, the Walk of Fame. The result is a unique fashion statement that will force you to think.

trashyb Trashy B cigarette Stub Attire, New Fashion Statement

Trashy-B says he has always been aware of the health and environmental risks of cigarettes, but after seeing countless numbers of the butts scattered along one of the world’s most photographed boulevards, he couldn’t resist making something out of it that will send a message .

He collected, cleaned and glued these cigarette butts to make his rather weird suit. These took the shape of a star that was inspired by Hollywood. While two empty cigarettes found their way to being a bow tie.

Trashy-B who is an environmentalist is aware of all the disadvantages of these stubs. For one, he says, they are not biodegradable. They also harmful for the marine life who thinks these stubs are their food. This is a problem especially because these are filled with toxic chemicals like acenapthene, which is a pesticide. Though these chemicals rarely reach the smoker, once they come in contact with water they tend to be more lethal.

The fact remains that cigarette butts are one of the littered items along the coast. According to Trashy-B a big chunk of cigarette butts we around eventually end up in waterways and oceans.

Whether or not this enterprising designer’s message will send a message to the masses remains a mystery. But a passerby did think about where he was disposing all his cigarette butts so far, he says he will think twice before throwing away his next cigarette butt.

On the other hand, Trashy-B’s view is quite optimistic regarding the issue. He says that though he doesn’t have an answer for this environmental hazard, with a tool like this he can certainly make an impact on the people who smoke and make them think about where their stubs are disposed.