Americans Proud to Recycle; If Given a Chance

November 20, 2013 / No Comments

Eighty two percent of the Americans feel proud when they recycle their garbage says a new online survey conducted by Harris Interactive in October. The survey  was commissioned by the Environmental Industry Association, a group of traders who stands for the environment and public health, mainly focusing on the recycling issue the country faces.

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Coincidentally. the survey, which took opinions of 2022 adult Americans, came out close to the America Recycles Day, which fell on November 15. Sharon H Kneiss, the president and CEO of EIA says that the fact that participation in recycling have increased during the past decades is itself a sign of success.

He says that this change is positive but emphasizes on the need of more recycling options, especially in public places like malls, restaurants and theaters etc.

The report says most Americans failed at finding recycling options once they went out of town. Out of three in every five American who had to throw out their garbage reported to have felt guilty because they couldn’t recycle it.

But there is also positive news; almost 58 percent of the Americans said during the survey that they will keep whatever they have to dispose until they find a recycle bin. Another 54 percent said that if a bin doesn’t come up then they are forced to leave trash wherever possible.

Anne Germain, EIA’s waste and recycling technology director says that wherever there is a public trash can, a recycling bin should be near to it too. People do want to recycle, says Anne, it’s just that lack of recycling options gives them no other choice but to litter their surroundings.