Fireclay to Recycle Your Cathode Ray Tubes

December 2, 2013 / No Comments

Fireclay Tile, a California-based ceramic tile company that made news before by recycling and making tiles out of volcanic lava, trashed toilets and even waste glass from the solar industry, is now all set to recycle the cathode ray tube (CRT) of your age old television box.

Fireclay GlassTiles Fireclay to Recycle Your Cathode Ray Tubes

The bulky, old CRT’s were are being replaced by the flat screens and plasma screens. What has happened gradually is that these have flooded the junkyards with the CRT tubes. Reports suggest that CRTs, TV sets and old computer monitors, together form 60 percent of the e-waste programs.

Also, it accounts for about 860 million pounds of waste. Yes, the old, much sought after, Sony and Panasonic Television sets have today become obsolete.

And hence, the eco-friendly folks at Fireclay Tile partnered with the local electronic recycler ECS Refining to acquire these CRT panels from the junkyard.  Paul Burns, founder of Fireclay says the idea struck him when his partner replaced all of their old computers with new ones.

Burns says that this got him thinking  about what happens to these after they are dumped and found out these old pieces of technology are just lying around piled up with no use. Burns decided to make tiles out of the old computer screens.

Once ESC removes the CRT panels from the computer and TV screens Fireclay sends them through a multistep crushing process to turn them into very little particles that will melt once they come in contact with heat.

After this, this glass is sorted, and a pinch of color is added to the darker particles.  All this gives a greyish material that Fireclay calls Phosphor.

Find this Interesting? Well then, you can help team Fireclay! Fireclay needs high quality molds for the project and has also started a campaign at Kickstarter to raise funds. The initial response is quite good, Fireclay’s  first goal $10,000 has already been met well ahead of the campaign deadline.

Yet, if you want to own a couple of CRT goodies Fireclay has more options for you. You get a set of 4 lovelydrink coasters made from recycled CRT glass at $ 35 and at $60 you will get two sets of coasters. For people with a fat wallet, the pledges start at $175 and these will be appreciated with with backsplashes of various sizes that are made of CRT glass tile.