NIMBY Going Strong In Devon Kills Wind Farm Plans

December 3, 2013 / 1 Comment

It appears that a really bad case of NIMBY has infected Devon (a.k.a. Devonshire), England. NIMBY, commonly known as Not In My Back Yard Syndrome, is the most likely explanation for the death of a planned wind farm off the coast of this county located in the southwest part of England.

RWE Innogy had planned to construct a 240-tower wind farm to be located ten miles off the northern coast of Devon. Each tower would have been 720 feet high. The wind farm would have produces 1.2 Megawatts of power, which can provide the power for around 900,000 homes.

Devon Wind Farm Project NIMBY Going Strong In Devon Kills Wind Farm PlansSome environmental groups are worried that the towers will adversely affect the marine life. Other groups such as the Slay the Array, do not want the wind farm built. There is some worry that the government is also slowing down green energy projects such as this by cutting back on funding. Regen SW, a green energy group reported the undermining by the British government.

A company director at RWE Innogy said “This is not a decision we have taken lightly. However, given the technological challenges and market conditions, now is not the right time for RWE to continue to progress with this project.” This sounds like some backpedaling to a lot of people. Political pressure from people who do not want such projects in their area is very successful throughout the world, particularly if they have great influence in the government.

NIMBY is not all that new and has even infected such green-friendly people like the late Senator Ted Kennedy. He put the kibosh on a wind farm that would have provided 75% of the Massachusetts regional power. This wind farm would have reduced the carbon emissions by around 734,000 tons every year. On top of this, Massachusetts is well known for supporting green and environmental issues and projects.

Evidently, Teddy didn’t want the towers situated in his visual back yard. He claimed the towers amounted to “visual pollution” and fought against the wind farm known as the Cape Wind Project. Maybe his yacht would have problems navigating around the towers during the wild parties known to be held there. The project still has not been able to gain traction.