Volvo Self-Driving Cars in the Offing

December 4, 2013 / No Comments

Swedish auto giant Volvo will join the race to develop self driving cars very soon. Volvo said that as a part of the pilot project it is building 100 self driving cars.

volvo logo Volvo Self Driving Cars in the Offing

Volvo, which is currently owned by a Chinese company, said on Monday that it will test its autonomous cars for 30 miles on some roads of Goteborg, a city in Sweden. This project is expected to happen by 2017.

Volvo claims that this is the world’s largest autonomous driving pilot project and adds that the car would do all driving functions with the driver being required only for occasional control.

The good news is that parking will also be fully automated in these cars. The driver would be able to free himself as soon as the vehicle finds a good spot to park itself.

Though autonomous driving is still a dream because of various laws and limited technology, it is becoming increasingly possible with the new innovations being made in the field of cameras and computers.