Bike Cleans Air as You Pedal

December 12, 2013 / No Comments

Biking, as you know, is a green exercise. What if your bike adds some technology to itself to make the air it kisses more greener, even as you go on pedalling? Bangkok-based Lightfog Creative & Design Company has now come up with one such concept.

air purifying bike2 Bike Cleans Air as You Pedal

The new design concept thinks on the lines of ultimate eco-friendliness, and is capable of purifying polluted air while you ride one.

The concept vehicle works in such a manner that the aluminum frame of the bike generates oxygen by way of photosynthesis, and thus triggers a reaction between water and electric power from a lithium-ion battery.

The frame aluminium frame has the power to transform sunlight into energy so as to run the oxygen-producing fuel cell battery.  Between the handlebars  is placed a filter  that would take out particulate matter from the air and release clean air towards the rider.

More technical details are yet to come by. But then, by the looks of it, we guess this innovation has the energy to go forth extensive miles on the eco-friendly terrain.

We are waiting to see a prototype of the bike being developed. The concept has already won laurels, including the Red Dot award.

Don’t you think this is so awesome an innovation?

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