Celebrate Christmas with a Reindeer Made from 2,000 Plastic Bags

December 24, 2013 / No Comments

So much of creative things spring up from your drive to do something good! This time, Australian designer Angela Van Boxtel shows us an example by make a reindeer from 2000 plastic bags! This recycled Blitzen carefully made from disused plastic bags to make shoppers realize the green side of the holiday season. Boxtel’s Blitzen will even light up at night with colorful LEDs..

ShoppingBag Celebrate Christmas with a Reindeer Made from 2,000 Plastic Bags

Since this is the Christmas season, a number of shoppers keep gifts for their friends and family, and which they give away in single-use plastic bags. In her drive to promote an eco-friendly Christmas, Van Boxtel came up with the idea of creating the adorable reindeer, which according to her symbolizes reuse and recycling. Thus Blitzen was born out of a wish, a Christmas with no plastic.

So Van Boxtel collected disused white and grey plastic bags  to make the body of the reindeer after she made a frame of metal and wire, she also used grey plastic bags together to make the body.

These plastic bags were then used to form the starburst and flower-like patterns, thus making a superb coating for the reindeer’s coat.

Blitzen is now put up in the shopping area of Lane Cove, to intentionally inspire people who pass by to bring their own reusable bags while buying Christmas presents.