Tiny House in the Austrian Laps Waits for You

December 30, 2013 / No Comments

Do you love tiny homes? And do you just love them, but do not necessarily want to build one? Well, if you did not know, there are plenty of such homes you can rent in many parts of the world. And this one in Austria is a killer among the lot.

ufogel Tiny House in the Austrian Laps Waits for You

The cabin is polyhedral in shape, with modernist designs. Situated in the outside of Lienz, the cabin gives you incredible mountain views along with unforgettable designs.

Because of its shape, and the fact that it looks like a UFO sitting on top of the mountain, the cabin has been named Ufogel.

Since the structure is raised, it pretty much looks like an alien aircraft or bird that just landed, with no impact on the ground.

It measures 485 square feet, and is built of larch wood and in the most traditional ways possible. It also has an interior with clean, modern lines and coziness that just tempt you to relax.

It also comes with a woodstove, small kitchen, full bathroom as well as seating and sleeping areas, a large master bedroom and a smaller room suitable for kids.

Experts say that design’s beauty comes from its rather clever and efficient overlapping of spaces as well as the right use of lighting, thanks to the large front windows which gives one a panoramic view of the mountains.

The cabin can accommodate up to five people, and this one is quite rightly the European take on the tiny house phenomenon.