Hamburg to go Car-Free in 20 Years

January 10, 2014 / No Comments

hamburg Hamburg to go Car Free in 20 Years

Hamburg, the German city, is on road to be a car free metro in the next 20 years’ time.  It is being said that the city’s proposed Green Network will make sure that the need for cars will be eliminated  in the next 20 year period and the car lanes will transform themselves into bike lanes and pedestrian pathways.

Going car free might be not easy, but then where there is a will there needs to be a way. Hamburg knows that very well too. The Green Network is planned to be constructed over the next 15-20 years and pedestrian and cycle ways will lead people to all major parks, playgrounds, community gardens, and cemeteries.

With global warming being the greatest threat of modern day,  it was imperative for Hamburg to change itself and let its people survive. Records state that over the past 60 years they city’s average temperature has increased by 9 degrees Celsius. Also, sea levels have risen 20 cm.

If the situation doesn’t change , things might turn even worse, it is feared. The Green Network plan, when it turns real, will let people of Hamburg to go about living a hassle free life, far from the ill effects of pollution and rising temperatures.