Cacoon Hanging Tents Can Accompany You on the Go

January 13, 2014 / No Comments

For those who are ignorant of Cacoons, they are new hanging tents that can withstand wind, rain, sunshine and sea. You will be able to hang them equally well indoors. Compatible for both adults and children, these tiny hanging nest-like tents are a must for relaxation and fun. It was created by a team that was well-versed in safe, architectural fabric and textile technology for onshore structures.

Cacoon Cacoon Hanging Tents Can Accompany You on the Go

Because of its lightweight feature and non-rusting aluminium ring, you can easily pack and carry the Cacoon with you on vacation or move it to a place you, like even inside your home.

The new hanging tent concept is both quirky and fun. It comes about as a small, compact and easily fit in once set up. And yes, it is quite big enough to even share.

beach cacoon Cacoon Hanging Tents Can Accompany You on the Go

Every hanging Cacoon is made with fabric that is developed for the marine and camping industries. The fabric is both anti-mold and also treated for UV and water resistance. Made with a mix of cotton and polyester to retain the soft feel of natural canvas, the longevity of a technical fabric is ensured.

Cacoon comes in two sizes, a small size for adults, and a large one that can accommodate two adults. The currently available colors are off-white and leaf green. But you can also create in any color by customizing it the way you want.