Sunshine Can Snip Blood Pressure Levels

January 23, 2014 / No Comments

Too much sun would bring about skin cancer and the like, but new evidence shows that when exposed moderately to sunlight, we can battle blood pressure, or in other words the silent killer. Sunshine mobilizes molecules on the skin that travel into blood and dilate blood vessels. This in turn lowers blood pressure according to scientists. The whole stay away from the sun theory may have come into place overlooking the benefits of sunshine.

sunshine Sunshine Can Snip Blood Pressure Levels


Scientist in United Kingdom gave a dose of Ultraviolent-A (UVA) to health volunteers inside a radiation lab. This was exactly equal to what they receive under the sun for 30 minutes. The participants blood vessels dilated, and their blood pressure decreased. High blood pressure can be fatal.

Smoking, inactivity and eating a high-sodium diet are well known causes for high blood pressure, but sunlight and the potential contribution the skin may have with sunshine have never been explored much.

Though researchers don’t know exactly how sun exposure can lower blood pressure, they hint that it may be due to a compound called nitric oxide and the chemicals that are derived from it. Scientists say that nitric oxide plays a role in regulating blood pressure.

They have found that sunlight somehow mobilizes molecules, so they travel from skin to blood, where they dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure. The team also noted that the changes they observed may be small, but the reduction in blood pressure may protect individuals from cardiovascular disease.