London Blackfriars Station Gets Greener with New Solar Bridge

January 24, 2014 / No Comments

The first ever solar bridge in London is finally complete.  Said to the world’s largest of its kind, the solar bridge at London’s Blackfriars station has been built to tap sunshine in the most eco-friendliest of ways. The bridge, jointly built by Solarcentury and England’s Network Rail,  has been spruced up with as many as 4,400 photovoltaic panels.

Blackfriars solar bridge London Blackfriars Station Gets Greener with New Solar Bridge

This bridge in fact now provides the Blackfriars station with half of the energy it needs on a day to day basis.  Stretching across the Thames river, the solar bridge has for long been transporting thousands of commuters every day between South London and the rest of the city.

It is expected that the 4400 photovoltaic panels on the bridge   will put an end to almost 511 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, thereby making the region ultimately green.

This apart, the bridge will power Blackfriars energy requirements and also would lead London to a commendable place on the list of the world’s greenest cities. The Blakfriars staions is already an eco hub, with electric trains the main ingredient there. The new solar bridge took around five years for completion.

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