California Experiences Worst Measles Outbreak In Two Decades

March 28, 2014 / No Comments

Both officials and health care experts across California are urging people who have not already received a measles vaccine to get one soon.

This, after the last few days saw one of the worst cases of measles in the last two decades break out in Orange County. Twenty one people have already been diagnosed with the disease and one third among them have been hospitalized.

Measles outbreaks in california 2014 California Experiences Worst Measles Outbreak In Two Decades

The epidemic is not limited to the county alone and there have been 47 reported cases of measles across the Golden State.

The fear at this point is that it could not spread rapidly across California, but neighboring states could also see an outbreak pretty soon.

Riverside County also has confirmed 5 cases so far and the number might go up in the next few days as more patients with early signs come in for medical help.

Measles is highly contagious and spreads through air when a person suffering from it coughs or sneezes.

Officials in the state and doctors are urging parents to bring in their children who have not yet been administered the vaccine so as to ensure that they are not affected in the days to come.

Some parents fear that a measles vaccine could lead to autism in their kids at a later time.

But doctors state that the fear is greatly exaggerated and the benefits always exceed the potential and marginal risks. Once vaccinated, you are protected for life.

In case of kids, the vaccine could help them stay safe both at school and while spending time with friends in their playgroup. So, if you happen to reside in California, make sure you get your shot today!