Change In Planetary Positions Sees Vishu Arrive A Day Late In 2014

April 15, 2014 / No Comments

New Year has just started to spread its smile in God’s Own Country and even though it has arrived a day later than normal in 2014, Vishu frenzy has once again gripped the state of Kerala.

While much of the country has been caught up in election razzmatazz, Kerala takes a break today to celebrate the Malayalee New Year.

This week also saw festive merriment take over much of India as Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Punjab also celebrated the start of their respective New Years!

Vishu Celebrations in Kerala Change In Planetary Positions Sees Vishu Arrive A Day Late In 2014

Vishu this year is being celebrated on April 15th instead of April 14th as a small change in planetary positions has seen the sun transit from Meenam rasi to Medam rasi a touch later than usual.

Since Medam began only on April 14 after the sunrise at 6.13 a.m, Vishu could only be on the next day.

Experts in Panchangam also predict that 2014 will be a prosperous and peaceful year for both Kerala and the country as it is the Jayanama Samvalsaram.

Lights, lamps and the traditional Vishu feast of sadya mark the celebrations across Kerala and in Malayalee households across the world.

Golden colored decorations, culinary delights, ornaments and clothing dominate the landscape today.

Also an important part of the culture is ‘Vishukani’, where people make sure that they see something auspicious on the day.

As always, wishes from the celebrity actors of the state and politicians came in early with the likes of Mohanlal, Kavya Madhavan and even the newly appointed governor – former Delhi chief minister Shiela Dikshit, conveying their best wishes.