U.S Government Approves Powdered Alcohol Called ‘Palcohol’

April 23, 2014 / No Comments

Nowadays, we are used to using powdered milk, powdered coffee, and powdered juice. But what if I tell you there’s a new revolution to drinks?

palcohol U.S Government Approves Powdered Alcohol Called Palcohol

What if I tell you there’s now powdered cocktail and powdered martini? Yes, that’s right, powdered liquor.

The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has just approved Palcohol, invented by Mark Phillips.

How do you make your very own portable drink? Simple. All you have to do is add five ounces of water to the powdered liquor, and voila!

Palcohol comes in six variations: margarita, mojito, lemon drop, cosmopolitan, vodka, and rum. You can definitely personalize the taste depending on your preference which makes it more exciting.

While some of you are excited about this, some people oppose to the invention, saying that having Palcohol wherever, whenever, is a horrible thought.

With Palcohol’s portability, it can be silently brought in football games, basketball games, theaters, shows, and the like, which is the very reason that they do not agree to its approval.

Although TTB gave its support to Palcohol, there are still a couple of hindrances before it will be made available in store racks. Despite its legality, each state must approve Palcohol’s sale and a need to support Palcohol’s sale must also be ensured by store owners.

As of now, it is still uncertain how things will go with the people behind Palcohol and how much the product will cost. The people opposing Palcohol are very much determined to put a stop to its availability. For now, let’s just wait and see.