Neanderthals were equally clever as modern humans, say scientists

May 1, 2014 / 2 Comments

When we think about the Neanderthals, we immediately think about our ancestors with little advance in technology and with little capacity to withstand the competition of modern man.

But now, researchers say that Neanderthals are smart and rich in terms of resources.

Neanderthals Neanderthals were equally clever as modern humans, say scientists

The study is a turning point in the debate on the relationship between different human lineages and the level of intimacy to which they arrived.

After studying the remains of Neanderthals found in different archaeological sites, Paola Villa, CU-Boulder researcher and co-author of the paper said that the evidence for cognitive inadequacy is not present, thus, the conventional impressions of Neanderthals is false.

Different artifacts and animal bones also revealed that Neanderthals utilized landscape for hunting.

In France, an excavation showed that Neanderthals used deep ravines sinkholes to hunt and trap animals like bison among many others.

It was also noted that Neanderthals were skillful hunters. They survived and managed different environments in hunting a wide array of animals in different topographical settings.

As for their diet, grass seeds, date palms, rabbits, and birds are what they consumed most, based on the microfossils found on their teeth.

Neanderthals also had cultural rituals based on recent information, as they used manganese and ochre, and ornaments like bird feathers and eagle claws.

Researchers said that comparing Neanderthals to their successors in not fair. Rather, they should be compared on their contemporaries in other continents.

To what caused the Neanderthals’ extinction, exact evidence has not been discovered. Whether it was due to technological or behavioral inferiority, it is not known.

Genetic studies say that their extinction 300,000 years ago can e caused by many things. These include possible male hybrid sterility, interbreeding and assimilation by the rising number of modern immigrants.