Poetic Justice: Giant Nanotech Poster In UK Cleanses The Air With Poetry!

May 21, 2014 / No Comments

Put together an innovative scientist who cares for the planet’s well being and an award-winning poet and what do you get?

Apparently a giant poster with a poem that promises to clean up the air in more ways than one!

Renowned writer Simon Armitage, Professor of Poetry at the University of Sheffield, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Science Professor Tony Ryan came together to create this giant poster with the poem “In praise of air”, that not only spreads awareness and inspires us to clean up our planet, but also gets the job done itself.

Poem that helps clean air pollution Poetic Justice: Giant Nanotech Poster In UK Cleanses The Air With Poetry!

The huge poster uses nanotechnology that is also part of tech-features like self-cleaning windows to absorb poisonous compounds released by 20 cars each day.

The huge 10m by 20m poster is coated with microscopic, pollution-eating nanoparticles of titanium dioxide which react with oxygen and sunlight to clean up nitrogen oxides in the air.

A brilliant collaboration between science and art, Professor Ryan believes that huge air pollution problems can be tackled if all posters and billboards were made of similar material.

While it would cost about £100 more for a giant poster as this one to be made from the nanotech material, scientists feel it is well worth the dough.

The ingenious professor is also working on incorporating similar technology into washing powders and detergents so that you clothes clean up the poisonous stuff in the air even as they get cleaned themselves.

That’s right; pollution-free jeans could be the next big thing coming from the University of Sheffield!

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