Video: Bring Home A Six-Legged Robot That Can Take On Your Car

May 27, 2014 / 1 Comment

Would you want to take home a robot that is about two feet tall, weighs about 3 pounds and can hit speeds of nearly 20 mph (32 kmph) with ease? And the latest Kickstarter project promises that you get one of these for as little as just $299!

OutRunner Robot can take on a slow moving car with ease Video: Bring Home A Six Legged Robot That Can Take On Your Car

Dubbed as the OutRunner robot, this small wonder was created by Robotics Unlimited, a descendant of the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition headed by research scientist Sebastien Cotton.

The idea here is to allow everyone across the world who wants to play with a robot to get in on the fun at a price tag that is not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The team behind OutRunner came up with a simple solution to solve the traditional problem of bipedal locomotion in robots by giving the six legs a spinning motion.

Another advantage of pledging with the Kickstarter campaign is that you can first buy the base model at $299 and then get periodic upgrades to get the final version that costs $799.

The company has another 10 days to raise $150,000 in total to fund the project. The video above obviously shows this little robot at work and if you have a budding interest in the field of robotics, this sure promises to get you hooked!

A perfect gift for any tech-savvy dude (you could say geek, but being one is now cool thanks to the whole Big Bang Theory phenomenon), the robot also will come with a smartphone app that will let you control it with ease.

So, are you tempted to adopt little OutRunner? It definitely is less maintenance than your usual pet!