Vantablack – the darkest material absorbs only 0.035% light

July 15, 2014 / 1 Comment

Vantablack is the darkest material made by the British Company Surrey NanoSystems.

It is made of nanohair, which is 1000 times thinner than human hair and are packed so closely that it prevents light to enter.

It is so dark that nothing can be as dark as it is. The Vantablack has a number of applications. It is used in astronomical cameras, telescopes, and infrared scanning systems.

It is going to be one of the most useful products that will help in a number of experiments at the global level as well.

The device is made of tubes which are small enough to prevent light from entering them. A dark object as this will definitely be a revolution in so many lab works and functions.

The device also has “virtually undetectable levels of outgassing and particle fallout” which cause effects to sensitive imagers. Furthermore, it also finds uses in the military which the maker is restricted to discuss, the device has thus been of great help in nearly all instrumental fields.

Vantablack Vantablack   the darkest material absorbs only 0.035% light

The Vantablack is kept in a aluminium foil which is crumpled, yet the device does not echo the shapes it makes, instead it just creates a void.

The device owing to its high utility and usage is deemed to be highly priced as well. A normal man cannot afford to get this stuff.

Vantablack will of course create the best dark hole costume but each nanohair used to make the black object is way too expensive. There can be no more black in front of Vantablack.

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  • Artos Pryderi / July 18, 2014 at 3:19 am

    Please edit headlines more carefully. If a material absorbed only 0.035% of the light, it would be a nearly perfect mirror, very white, or transparent. I think this material probably _reflects_ only 0.035 % the light, so it is very, very black- and very useful, especially if it can be layered with other materials that absorb other spectra.

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