Chinese Carpenter Builds Fully Functional Electric Car out of Wood

December 26, 2014 / No Comments

wooden e car Chinese Carpenter Builds Fully Functional Electric Car out of Wood

Here is a fully functional electric car that has got its body carved out of wood. You might be probably have a toy car in your mind. But then, that’s not exactly the case though.

The one we are talking about is a real car, a six-seater for that matter. And, to make it more amusing, you also have a wide array of artillery mounted on it.

No, it’s not a creation of the armed forces, neither has it got a big name in the automotive industry behind it. This wooden e-car is the work of Chinese carpenter Liu Fulong, who has spent four months to come up with this marvelous stuff.

Hailing from China’s northeastern province of Liaoning, this is the second of his works, the first of which took three months for completion earlier this year.

Measuring eight feet in length and four feet in width, Fulong’s wooden electric car can reach up to 30 miles per hour. Creditable work indeed, as his earlier work recorded speeds of only 20 miles per hour. And it’s even more decorated. Along with armory, Fulong has converted his wooden work into a fully functional automotive, with headlamps, horn, tail lamp, mirrors, spare tires and even number plates.

Fulong has got no formal training in automotive design and has also dropped his studies after primary education. The Chinese tradesman and carpenter has carved out out his wooden creation at a total cost of 20,000 Yuan, which tallies to around $3,200.