‘Water Man of India’ Rajendra Singh wins Stockholm Prize for Restorations

March 20, 2015 / No Comments

Rajendra Singh, better known as the ‘Water Man of India’ has won the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize. The aspiring environmental activist will receive an award worth $ 1,50,000 and it will be presented by the honorable Swedish King on Aug. 26 during the World Water Week.

By winning this honor, Rajendra Singh became the the fifth Indian to win the prestigious global award that is being given since 1991.

Rajendra Singh who have won the reputed Magsaysay Award in the year 2001 is known for reviving rivers in India’s arid state, Rajasthan.

Water Man of India Rajendra Singh Water Man of India Rajendra Singh wins Stockholm Prize for Restorations

By adopting traditional yet innovative techniques, he championed rainwater harvesting dating back thousands of year.

His community-based water conservation and water management efforts in Rajasthan is considered as a perfect epitome of effective water management by many countries all around the world.

Torgny Holmgren, executive director of the Stockholm International Water Institute told that the world will fall in the clutches of water crisis within decades if we fail to manage it properly. As per Torgny, Rajendra Singh is an incredible personality who has brought many villages back to life.

Rajendra Singh in his recently issued statement told that, through the Indian wisdom of rainwater harvesting, Tarun Bharat Sangh organization have made impoverished villages prosperous and healthy again.

As per Rajendra Singh, it was the people he works with who taught him various techniques of conserving water in the most effective manner.

Rajendra Singh is an Ayurvedic doctor by profession. In the year 1985, he sold all his earthly possessions and traveled to Rajasthan, and from there he started his journey of water conservation.