Aqua Green Eco-Swim Swimwear Line Loves Planet Earth

July 29, 2011 / No Comments

You might have come across many a fabric that sported a green label, but this one is different in many ways than one. The new swimwear line, christened Eco-Swim from Aqua Green never compromises on comfort, quality and style of the swim wear with Eco-Swim. This eco-friendly swimwear lineup is made exclusively from recycled materials. The company recently presented their collection ...

Fabrics Made Out of Milk; Are You Getting Yours? [Video]

July 28, 2011 / 1 Comment

Any guesses on what kind of raw material goes into the extremely talented Ande Domaske’s new fabrics? Quite surprisingly, this 28-year-old German microbiologist has created a new fabric from milk. Thanks to her background in biology, she has been able to devise exquisite designs based on milk. The new creations are in fact being discussed with awe. Though there are concerns ...

Build Fenders for Exo Neutrino Electric Bike and Win Prizes

July 28, 2011 / No Comments

How about participating in a challenge now? A green contest that will bring to you some awesome gifts is what we are talking about. Okay, here we go. You might have heard of the tiny electric scooter called the Exo Neutrino. The scooter, which has all the properties of a bike, is a vehicle that can take you 60 km in ...

Wedding Gown Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

June 24, 2011 / 2 Comments

The gown you see in the picture below is not just the conventional ones you see in ceremonial weddings. Trailed by a 16-foot train and weighing more than 22 pounds, Michelle Brand’s gown is the sum of 2,220 recycled plastic-bottle bases, 6,512 plastic-bottle tops and 13,880 tags. Debuted at Britain’s largest inner-city shopping center in April, it is designed to ...

Wrk-Shp’s Raincoat is Typically Green

June 21, 2011 / No Comments

Anyone out there who has never enjoyed the beauty of the rain? But, how about getting wet on it when you set out for something else. Perhaps, then there is no other way than resorting to raincoats, right? Now, just think of using a “green coat”. It is not just the color, but a real green raincoat. Check out. Isoda’s ‘green ...

Aeros Pelican Airship Set to Fly by 2013

May 11, 2011 / 3 Comments

Aeros has come up with a new project named Pelicanto, which aims at reducing fuel and helium usage on airships and blimps. Currently, the major problem faced by the airships is maintaining its buoyancy as it requires an enormous amount of fuel. The Pelican project effectively addresses the problem by a compression system, called Control of Static Heaviness, or COSH. Airships ...

London’s Mint Hotel Comes Up With the Largest Living Green Wall in Europe

April 19, 2011 / No Comments

Ever imagined a ‘green wall’ for your house? Of course, it is rewarding for two major reasons. One for the aesthetic appeal it affords and the other for the environmental concern the idea envisages.

Fairytale Dress from Recycled Children’s Books

April 5, 2011 / No Comments

Children’s books are no longer just comic. In what could prove to be an additional excitement to the whole kids’ scene, Boston based designer Ryan Novelline has weaved a gorgeous gown from pages taken from discarded children’s books. The brand new attempt has placed Ryan Novelline among the top-class ‘green designers’.

New Movable Housing Project Comes Up in Amtserdam

April 4, 2011 / No Comments

The student housing project in Amsterdam, called the Zuiderzeeweg, is an innovative project in itself. Designed by the Netherlands-based Fact Architects, the moat remarkable trait that makes the initiative stand out is that it was built to be temporary and can be transported to a new location if the need arises. Thus, it makes something of a mobile shelter. If ...

120-Year-Old Jewel Beetle Wing Dress Restored

March 23, 2011 / No Comments

The National Trust of England has announced that the Victorian dress adorned with 1000 jewel beetle wings has been brought back to its full glory after 1,300 hours of painstaking restoration work.