Hungary Industrial Sludge Leak Pushes People to Suffer Zone

October 6, 2010 / No Comments

Industrial sludge disaster has spurred the Hungarian government to decare a state of Emergency. Toxic sludge leaked from a reservoir at the Ajkai Timfoldgyar Zrt alumina plant in the town of Ajka, located about 160 km south-west of the capital of Hungary leaving four people are dead and six missing. The sludge contains heavy metals such as lead which is ...

Google Street View Updated with South America & Antarctica

October 1, 2010 / No Comments

The Web giant Google has launched the updated version of its Street View. The feature which was first made available in 2007 now includes images of South America and Antarctica too. Though the coverage is currently limited Brazil, Ireland and Antarctica, for the time being, it is the first time such images have been available of every continent on the ...

Spain’s Largest Biomass Plant Coming Up in Huelva

September 21, 2010 / No Comments

Renewable energy group Ence has undertaken the construction of the largest biomass plant in Spain. The Spanish Government has approved the plan of the plant. A biomass plant produces energy by using organic matter which includes agricultural waste to forest waste products. They can have carbon dioxide emissions up to 60 percentages lower than the equipments or facilities which uses the ...

Missouri River Cultural Conservancy Eco-friendly Art Festival Showcases Green Initiatives

September 20, 2010 / No Comments

Several vendors and artists assembled at Cooper’s Landing outside Columbia, Missouri on September 19 with their ‘Green’ products as part of the fourth annual eco-art-festival. The event was hosted by The Missouri River Cultural Conservancy, and the event featured jewelry made from recycled goods, pottery, organic wool, soap made from goat’s milk, pieces of art made from eco-friendly and recycled ...

New Green Courses Galore to Equip People for Green Jobs

August 27, 2010 / No Comments

With the green movement gathering more momentum than it has ever had before, there are now educational courses that focus on green issues. The rise in environmental issues  - at a time when President Obama has invested approximately $80 billion on renewable resources an in the building of two solar panel plants – has led several educational institutions to offer courses ...

London Trees to Have Readymade Birdhouses

August 18, 2010 / No Comments

In most of the big cities around the globe, birds have been adapting and struggling to retain their way of life in the face of fast changes unfolding all around them. When the trees are diminishing in number, most birds have learnt that when you find a spot that looks like it could be good for a nest, you better ...

Corporate Players Look More Towards Vegetable Patches

July 7, 2010 / No Comments

Increasingly, corporates are turning to solutions that reconnect with the earth in an effort to provide a more meaningful working experience to their employees. Companies like Google and Yahoo had started organic gardens, and now more companies are following their example. Company owned land is provided for employees to farm on. The advantages are manifold.

Re-using Construction Rubble To Make New Bricks

July 6, 2010 / No Comments

Designers Younwoo Park, Hoyoung Lee and Miyeon Kim have come up with a novel idea. They have created a small robotic machine that will recycle construction rubble to be transformed into new usable construction material. How it works is that the machine, tentatively called ‘Return brick’ searches for debris and fragments of concrete and brick from rubble, grinds these ...

WWF Ad uses hummer to spread its green message in Emirates

May 27, 2010 / No Comments

The inhabitants of Persian Gulf are habitual to squandering away earth’s natural resources, courtesy their over indulgent, ultra-luxurious lifestyle overflowing with unimaginable exorbitance that leaves a huge ecological footprint behind.

Nature Solves Territorial Dispute Between India and Bangladesh, an Island Disappears

March 24, 2010 / 1 Comment

Even though it is more of a result of rising sea levels and global warming than the grand plans of nature, the disappearance of an island has kind of "solved" a point of territorial dispute between India and Bangladesh. The tiny, uninhabited island was about six feet above sea level at its highest point, and recent satellite images seem to ...