Adrian Grenier to Promote Organic Couture Along with Oceana

October 21, 2010 / No Comments

Renowned actor and environment enthusiast Adrian Grenier has teamed up with apparel company Nautica to design eco-friendly T-shirt. The two will launch a limited edition 100 percent organic T-shirt line. The apparel item is available to purchase online and retails for $25. It also features an anchor.

China Emerges Surprise Leader in Clean Energy; Says Study

October 20, 2010 / No Comments

China has emerged as a surprise leader in clean energy efforts, despite being the world's top polluter, according to the Vivid Economics report, a study released on Tuesday. China has been ranked second position next to Britain in the value of its incentives to cut pollution from electricity generation.

Environmental Media Awards Presented

October 20, 2010 / No Comments

The 20th annual Environmental Media Awards organized by the non-profit Environmental Media Association was held at the Warner Bros. The eco-friendly award giving ceremony was attended by many celebrities. The ceremony honored many television shows and films for pioneering eco friendly awareness programs and accomplishing remarkable initiatives. The function itself featured a ‘green’ carpet instead of the usual red carpet ...

Back to the Future car, Converted to Electric

October 7, 2010 / No Comments

In time for the 25th anniversary of the popular sci-fi movie ‘Back to the Future’, an all-electric DeLorean DMC-12 will going around the roads of Italy. Wired Italy, who are big fans of the movie collaborated with open source car conversion experts from eCars Now!Italy to create the vehicle. Technically speaking, the electric car is not ready yet – what the ...

Finca Bellavista, the Energy Efficient Tree House Enclave in the Costa Rican Jungle

October 1, 2010 / No Comments

A solar-powered tree house community has been built in the Costa Rican Jungle, and it is considered the world's first modern, planned, sustainable tree house community. Named  ‘Finca Bellavista’, the enclave near the Pan-American Highway is the idea of Matt Hogan and his wife Erica.

Cycle for Water Bamboo Bicycle Journey to Support Water Awareness

September 30, 2010 / No Comments

Joost Notenboom and Michiel Roodenburg, began their 18-month bicycle journey called ‘Cycle for Water’ on July 4, 2010 as part of their attempt to bring attention to the global water crisis. Starting from Deadhorse in Northern Alaska, the two Dutch friends are now en route to Ushuaia, the most southern tip of Argentina.

BP Had Been Reprimanded for Safety Flaws by UK Long Ago

September 17, 2010 / No Comments

British Petroleum is again in the news after the oil spill issue. This time they stand accused for the failure in the safety provisions in the North Sea. Months before the horrible environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, BP was cited by the Government of United Kingdom for failing to complete the safety training and emergency exercises mandatory for ...

Justin Timberlake’s Green Golf Course in Tennessee Reopens

September 7, 2010 / 1 Comment

The eco-friendly Tennessee golf resort owned by entertainer Justin Timberlake has been reopened. Reports say the musician has spent a fortune in the green makeover. The luxury resort in Mirimichi was closed down in January by Timberlake, and work was done on improving the golf course’s greens, irrigation systems and bunkers.

Italian Gas Stations to Have Hydrogen Fuel Pumps

August 27, 2010 / No Comments

Euopean clean energy company, Acta, has announced their plans for creating a network of solar-powered hydrogen fueling stations throughout Italy. The new pumps will work by harnessing solar energy to produce hydrogen fuel from water through the process of electrolysis.

Green Tugboats for Greener Seas

August 20, 2010 / No Comments

The shipping arena gets greener with the introduction of an energy efficient hybrid tugboat. Tugboats are usually diesel powered, and have long been a major source of pollution at many of the world’s ports where they are widely used to tug lines and tankers.